3rd peak of COVID-19 got started in Japan (on November 14, 2020)

As we expected, 3rd peak has started. The graph shown, the number of new cases in Japan, supports that there is no room for doubt. Many experts already admitted it.

Among Japanese 4 clear seasons, the end of the fall typically displayed with beautiful colors in woods and cool dry clean air near water. You may feel little even cold on your tip of nose in the early morning in this time of year. The one of most beautiful seasons, however the dry air also makes easier to catch cold and spread viruses. Many Japanese catch cold or Flu at this time almost every year, so we do know our vulnerability towards the virus in this season empirically. And holiday season where people love to get together is coming. No good aspects here what-so-ever. The number of cases will perhaps far exceed the 2nd peak of it.

I understand the vulnerable position where we are now, but I don't feel a sense of crisis. We might have lost our sense of crisis management skills through the 1st and 2nd peaks. Could be the Coronavirus burnout!? Maybe? I'm not sure what it is, but I guess we just continue to wear a mask and avoid crowded places as a daily routine without changing daily behavior.

One good news is a new vaccine. On this Monday, Pfizer and BioNTech announced the vaccine candidate against COVID-19 resulted in 90% effective. It still hasn't shown long-lasting vaccine efficacy as they have only data at 1 week after vaccination. I pray for the success of this clinical trial in several months to have the first powerful countermeasure against COVID-19, and put a final end to this crisis!

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